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History's Most is a podcast that delves into interesting, under-reported and controversial topics in history and applies superlatives to them. We deep dive headfirst into a variety of topics, from history's most guilty man, to the most disastrous voyage, to complicated wars and confusing politicians.


Apr 6, 2020

In this very special episode, we are going further back than History's Most has ever gone before: back to 9 CE to discuss one of the most important people in German and Roman history, Arminius. Taking us through his life is Jacob Collier, a fellow podcaster, from Podcast on Germany. From early days in Rome, to his decisive victory at Teutoburg Forest, we go through what truly makes Arminius History's Most Successful Freedom Fighter.

A VERY big thank you to Jacob for joining us. Find him at:

Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff - String Quartet No. 2 as recorded by Steve's Bedroom Band and Steve Jones licensed under Creative Commons 4.0.